Family Photography Packages

Family Package #1


50% to book

20 retouched photos

Digital download of full-res images

Copyright release

2 edit styles of each photo*

Up to 1 hour

1 location of your choice

Family Package #2


50% to book

30 retouched photos

Digital download of full-res images

Copyright release

3 edit styles of each photo*

Up to 1.5 hours

Up to 2 locations of your choice

16″ x 24″ canvas print

* The very best photos from your family photography session will be selected and fully retouched (removal of background distractions, clothing fixes, facial retouching, exposure blending, etc.) before being edited in multiple styles. For example, package #2 provides 30 retouched photos in 3 edit styles (30 x 3 = 90 total image files).

How to book.

1)  Check availability by submitting your preferred dates and details (click the button below)

2)  Choose a family photography package

3)  Pay 50% up front with full payment due at the time of the photo session

Happy customers.


“Laren Helms is a legit miracle worker. Taking pictures with a very active and independent 1.5 year old is NOT FUN and I was almost in tears when we left. When I got the pictures back I was in shock! Somehow the pictures made it look like we had a nice happy time walking around that lake, instead of a screaming toddler and frustrated parents. Thank you Pushpin Pictures for capturing the happy inbetween all the crazy and giving us great memories to keep forever!”

 – Meghan S.


“I absolutely love the photos! I can’t say thank you enough – not only for the high-quality photos but also for helping my kids feel so relaxed.”

 – Cheri H.


“The pictures are truly more beautiful and stunning than I hoped they would be! I can’t thank you enough for meeting up with us and working your magic.”

 – Katie C.

Professional retouching.

Family photos can be difficult. It just goes against the laws of nature for most children to sit still and smile nicely. I use a more natural and candid style when taking family photos which helps makes kids (and adults!) feel more comfortable, but even then, things do always go as planned. That’s where Photoshop comes in.

Pushpin Pictures family photography retouching example
Pushpin Pictures family photography custom canvas print example.

Custom Canvas Print.

By upgrading to family photography package #2, you also get a custom 24″ x 16″ professional canvas print of the favorite photo from your session shipped to your home. Because who wouldn’t want a photo like this hanging on their wall?

Multiple photo styles.
Each of your family photos comes in 2 or 3 different edit styles (depending on which package you select), so you can choose whichever one suits you (or your home decor) best. It’s like Instagram filters, but better.
Pushpin Pictures family photography editing style options example

Frequently asked questions.

What kinds of family photos do you do?
When it comes to family photos, I typically use a more journalistic style where I photograph you and your family interacting naturally with some posing as well. I’ve found that the best photos come when I let you do your thing with just a little bit of guidance. What that means for you is hopefully a much less stressful experience that leads to more photos of genuine smiles.
Can I get all of the photos from our family photo session?

Some families express interest in getting ALL of the photos I take during a family photo session. I don’t provide all of the photos from a session for a couple logistical reasons (too many files to transfer, most photos are duplicates, etc.), but the biggest reason is artistic integrity.

The original photos are like sketches that eventually become paintings. You’re hiring me for not just for my skill with a camera but also for my artistic interpretation of those “sketches.” I’m not comfortable handing over anything that isn’t a final product.

Are you willing to travel to do family photos?
Typically, I’m limited to doing family photos in Utah County and Salt Lake County due to responsibilities outside of photography. I often travel to visit family in Colorado and Oregon, however, and if my travel schedule corresponds with when you need family photos, we can definitely work something out.
Do you do photos for big families?

Of course! Big family photos are somewhat of a specialty of mine. Photos with lots of people can sometimes be a challenge (the chances of getting everyone to look good at the same exact moment go down exponentially the more people there are). I do a couple things to help make sure you end up with a photo where everyone looks great.

One, I use a portable lighting system that helps light everyone evenly and makes sure your family stands out from the background.

Two, I take a lot of photos. The key to getting a great final photo is to take a bunch of shots. But don’t worry, it doesn’t actually take that long.

Three, I use a photoshop technique called “face swapping.” What is face swapping, you ask? Basically, I take the best parts of all the photos and merge them into a single master version. For instance, there may be a photo where almost everyone looks good, but Aunt Cheryl has her eyes closed and Uncle Dave is sneezing. I find photos where they look great (but perhaps no one else does) and use those photos to swap out their faces, heads, or even their entire bodies.

The result is a flawless family photo worthy of your wall.

How long will it take to get our photos back?

It generally takes about 2-4 weeks from the time of your session to complete your photos depending on my schedule and the level of editing required. I’ll usually edit two or three photos immediately and send them over to because I know you’re excited to see how they turned out, and I like to get something posted to Instagram right after a photo shoot.

How do we pick a location for photos?

Once we’ve agreed on a date, I’ll usually send over a short list of locations for your family photos that I think you might like based on your style preferences (urban, mountainous, farmland, lakeside, etc.). If you have a specific location in mind, I can definitely accommodate that. Looking through some of my blog posts from past family sessions (scroll down to the bottom of the page) may give you some ideas as well.

Some locations may require a fee (e.g., Red Butte Gardens, Thanksgiving Point), and I will make sure to let you know which those are on the list I send you. If the location you choose has a photography fee, you will be expected to pay it.

What is a copyright release form, and what does it do?

A copyright release form is a great little piece of paper that turns over some copyright privileges to you. It lets you print your photos wherever you want (see the next question) and generally use them however you would like.

The only things you can’t do with them is edit them (which includes Instagram filters), sell them, or use them to defame me.

I still maintain some copyright privileges which allow me to use them in marketing (you might end up on this website!) and to make money off of them as I see fit.

Do I have to order prints through you?

Nope! I believe that if you’ve paid for the photos, you should be able to print them however and wherever you want. That’s why I provide every family with a copyright release form that allows you (and whomever you ask to be included) to print your family photos anywhere you choose.

Some photographers demand that all prints be ordered through them, so many places that print photos (Walmart, for example) ask to see a copyright release before they will turn the photos over to you (this is so photographers don’t sue them). Your preferred photo printing purveyor may not require this, but it doesn’t hurt to have it on hand. I can also provide suggestions on where to print your photos if you would like. There can be a HUGE difference in print quality

What the copyright release form doesn’t allow you to do, however, is edit them (cropping is allowed), make money off the photos (like selling them through a stock photo service), or use them to defame me (I’d rather your family photos not derail my future political campaigns).

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