Engagement Photography Packages

Engagement Photography Package #1


50% to book

20 retouched photos

2 edit styles of each photo*

Free when you book your wedding**

Up to 1 hour

1 location

Digital download of full-res images

Copyright release

Engagement Photography Package #2


50% to book

30 retouched photos

3 edit styles of each photo*

$330 off when you book your wedding**

Up to 2 hours

Up to 2 locations

Digital download of full-res images

Copyright release

*The very best photos from your engagement session will be selected and fully retouched (removal of background distractions, clothing fixes, facial retouching, exposure blending, etc.) before being edited in multiple styles. For example, package #2 provides 30 retouched photos in 3 edit styles (30 x 3 = 90 total image files).

**If you book your wedding with Pushpin Pictures and select wedding photography package #2 or package #3, you get engagement photography package #1 absolutely free or engagement package #2 for only $160.

How to book.

1)  Check availability by submitting your engagement details (click the button below)

2)  Choose an engagement photography package

3)  Pay 50% up front with full payment due at the time of the shoot

Multiple photo styles.

Each retouched photo comes in 2 or 3 different edit styles (depending on which package you select), so you can choose whichever one suits you or your wedding announcements best. It’s like Instagram filters, but better.

Pushpin Pictures Utah wedding photography editing style examples

Frequently asked questions.

Are you willing to travel to do engagement photos?

Typically, I’m limited to the confines of Utah County and Salt Lake County due to responsibilities outside of photography, but if your destination photo plans works out with my schedule, it is definitely a possibility.

If I do travel outside of Utah County or Salt Lake County, there will be an additional travel fee.

How does payment work?

Once we’ve worked out availability, I will send over an invoice through email for 50% of the price of the package you’ve chosen. There will be a link in the email that will allow you to pay online via credit card.

If you are booking me for your engagement photos and wedding (which I suggest since that means you could get free engagement photos—see the question below), the initial booking fee will be 50% of the total price for all of the packages.

The remaining 50% for your engagement photos will be due at the time of your session.

Do you offer free engagement photos if we book you for our wedding?

Yes! If you choose to book me for your wedding and choose either wedding photography package #2 or wedding photography package #3, I will throw in engagement photography package #1 absolutely free. If you would like to upgrade to engagement photography package #2, you would just need to pay the difference ($160).

However, this deal only applies if you book me for your wedding at the same time. If you book me first for engagement photos and then later decide to book me for your wedding, the price of the engagement photos will not be taken off the price of your wedding photos.

Do we have to do wedding photos with you as well?

Not at all! It’s not at all uncommon for couples to choose one photographer to do their engagement photos and a different photographer to shoot their wedding.

If I do your engagement photos here in Utah but you’re getting married in Bali (or even Salt Lake), I won’t be offended if you choose a different photographer for your wedding (but I really wouldn’t mind going to Bali, so….just throwing that out there).

Can we get all of the original photos from our engagement session?

Some couples express the desire to receive ALL of the photos I take during their engagement session. I don’t provide couples with all of the photos for several logistical reasons (too many files to transfer, most photos are duplicates, etc.), but the biggest reason is artistic integrity.

The original photos are like sketches that eventually become paintings. You’re hiring me for not just for my skill with a camera but also for my artistic interpretation of those “sketches.” I’m not comfortable handing over anything that isn’t a final product.

What is a copyright release form, and what does it do?

A copyright release form is a great little piece of paper that turns over some copyright privileges to you. It lets you print your photos wherever you want (see the next question) and generally use them however you would like.

The only things you can’t do with them is edit them (which includes Instagram filters), sell them, or use them to defame me.

I still maintain some copyright privileges which allow me to use them in marketing (you might end up on this website!) and to make money off of them as I see fit.

Do we have to get our engagement photos printed through you?

Nope! I believe that if you’ve paid for the photos, you should be able to print them however and wherever you want. That’s why I provide every couple a copyright release form that allows you (and whomever you ask to be included) to print your engagement photos anywhere you choose.

Some photographers demand that all prints be ordered through them, so many places that print photos (Walmart, for example) ask to see a copyright release before they will turn the photos over to you (this is so photographers don’t sue them). Your preferred photo printing purveyor may not require this, but it doesn’t hurt to have it on hand.

I will also provide suggestions on where to print your photos. There can be a HUGE difference in print quality between printing photos at Walgreens and printing them at Snelson PhotoColor Lab.

What the copyright release form doesn’t allow you to do, however, is edit them (cropping is allowed), make money off the photos (like selling them through a stock photo service), or use them to defame me (I’d rather your engagement photos not derail my future political campaigns).

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