Bridal Photography Packages

Bridal Photography Package #1


50% to book

20 retouched photos

2 edit styles of each photo*

Up to 2 hours

1 location

Digital download of full-res images

Copyright release

Bridal Photography Package #2


50% to book

30 retouched photos

3 edit styles of each photo*

Up to 3 hours

Up to 2 locations

Digital download of full-res images

Copyright release

24″ x 16″ canvas print of your choice

*The very best photos from your bridal photos session will be selected and fully retouched (removal of background distractions, clothing fixes, facial retouching, exposure blending, etc.) before being edited in multiple styles. For example, package #2 provides 30 retouched photos in 3 edit styles (30 x 3 = 90 total image files).

How to book.

1)  Check availability by submitting your wedding date and details (click the button below)

2)  Choose a bridal photography package

3)  Pay 50% up front with full payment due at the time of the session

Happy customers.


“Thank you again for being our photographer. We are astounded by the number and quality of the pictures you gave us; you are a true artist, and we couldn’t be happier.”

 – Kim W.


“Laren took our engagement, groomal, and wedding pictures. He was very creative with our photos and had an eye for detail. We absolutely love how our pictures turned out and have received many compliments about the pictures. We would recommend Pushpin Pictures to anyone.”

 – Tara A.


“Laren took our bridals and wedding photos and he was incredible! He made the photo session fun, he took creative shots, and captured the memories of one of the most important days of our lives. He was so great to work with and we highly recommend him to anyone wanting amazing pictures!”

 – Lisa J.


“We LOVE our pictures! There are some great pictures of our families, and we had a great time going through all of them.”

 – Tori W.

Professional retouching.

Every photo goes through extensive post processing, retouching, and color editing for a final product that would look just as comfortable in a magazine as it does in your wedding album.

Pushpin Pictures Utah bridal photography retouching example
Pushpin Pictures Utah bridal photography canvas print example

Canvas Print.

Upgrade to bridal photography package #2 and get a professional quality 24″ x 16″ canvas print of your favorite photo from your bridal / wedding formals session shipped to your home.

Multiple photo styles.

Each retouched photo comes in 2 or 3 different edit styles (depending on which package you select), so you can choose whichever one suits you best. It’s like Instagram filters, but better.

Pushpin Pictures Utah wedding photography editing style examples

Frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between wedding formals, bridals, and groomals?

Formal wedding photos, bridal photos, and groomal photos are all pretty much the same thing. Essentially, they all involve the bride (and sometimes groom) dressed up in their full formal wedding attire for pre-wedding photos.

Bridal photos typically involve only the bride in her wedding dress and maybe her bridesmaids as well. Groomal photos (which is somewhat of a newer concept) includes the bride in her wedding dress AND the groom in his tuxedo or suit (I suppose we’ve gotten over the “seeing the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding is bad luck” thing).

Whether you’re doing wedding formals including the groom and/or other members of the wedding party or just bridal photos, packages and pricing are the same.

Why would I want to do wedding formals or bridal photos?

Not everyone chooses to do wedding formals before their wedding day, but here are a couple reasons why you should:

  1. Wedding formals are done a week or two before the wedding when things are a lot less stressful, and we can take our time to get the right photos without having to worry about getting to the luncheon or the reception.
  2. You can do your wedding formals or bridal photos anywhere. You may be getting married in the Salt Lake City Temple, but you can get photos in your full wedding attire at the State Capitol Building, the Natural History Museum of Utah, or even on top of a mountain if you’d like. Want a picture of you riding a ski lift in your wedding dress? We can do that.
  3. Wedding dresses ain’t cheap. Doing wedding formals or bridal photos gives you one more opportunity to get some use out of that dress.
  4. Doing formals before your wedding means that you can you can have wedding photos displayed at your wedding. People often love to display large prints of the bride and groom at the entrance of their reception. Doing wedding formals before your wedding lets you do that.
  5. The production quality for wedding formals and bridal photos is much higher than regular wedding photos. On the day of your wedding, I’m going to be focused on capturing all the events as they happen in more of a documentary style of photography. With wedding formals, we can slow down, make sure we get the right shot, and incorporate lighting equipment for a level of quality that’s hard to achieve amid the hustle and bustle of your wedding day.
How does payment work?

Once we’ve worked out availability, I will send over an invoice through email for 50% of the price of the package (or packages if you are booking engagement photos and/or wedding photos at the same time) you’ve chosen. There will be a link in the email that will allow you to pay online via credit card.

The invoice for the remaining 50% will also arrive through email and will be due at the time of the photo session.

Do we have to do wedding photos with you as well?

Nope! Sometimes, a couple lives here in Utah and would like to do wedding formals or bridals before their destination wedding for which they have a different photographer booked. That’s totally ok. Even if you’re getting married here in Utah and want a different photographer to do your wedding, you can still book me to do your wedding formals or bridals.

Can we get all of the original photos from our wedding formals session?

Some couples express the desire to receive ALL of the photos I take during their wedding formals session. I don’t provide couples with all of the photos for several logistical reasons (too many files to transfer, most photos are duplicates, etc.), but the biggest reason is artistic integrity.

The original photos are like sketches that eventually become paintings. You’re hiring me for not just for my skill with a camera but also for my artistic interpretation of those “sketches.” I’m not comfortable handing over anything that isn’t a final product.

How long will it take to get our photos back?

Wedding formals and bridal photos can take up to a month to complete, but since the wedding formals session is typically scheduled for just one or two weeks before your wedding date, I work to get a handful of photos completed and sent over as quickly as possible so you can print the photos and use them in your wedding/reception decorations. The rest of the photos will be delivered within 30 days of the session.

Wedding formals often take quite a bit longer to edit than other photo types because I put a lot of additional effort into the editing process. The result is photos that would look just as natural in a magazine as they do your wedding album.

What is a copyright release form, and what does it do?

A copyright release form is a great little piece of paper that turns over some copyright privileges to you. It lets you print your photos wherever you want (see the next question) and generally use them however you would like.

The only things you can’t do with them is edit them (which includes Instagram filters), sell them, or use them to defame me.

I still maintain some copyright privileges which allow me to use them in marketing (you might end up on this website!) and to make money off of them as I see fit.

Do we have to get our wedding formals printed through you?

Nope! I believe that if you’ve paid for the photos, you should be able to print them however and wherever you want. That’s why I provide every bride and groom a copyright release form that allows you (and whomever you ask to be included) to print your photos anywhere you choose.

Some photographers demand that all prints be ordered through them, so many places that print photos (Walmart, for example) ask to see a copyright release before they will turn the photos over to you (this is so photographers don’t sue them). Your preferred photo printing purveyor may not require this, but it doesn’t hurt to have it on hand.

I will also provide suggestions on where to print your photos. There can be a HUGE difference in print quality between printing photos at Walgreens and printing them at Snelson PhotoColor Lab.

What the copyright release form doesn’t allow you to do, however, is edit them (cropping is allowed), make money off the photos (like selling them through a stock photo service), or use them to defame me (I’d rather your wedding photos not derail my future political campaigns).

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