On Friday, Jessica and I were itching to get out of Provo and play in some water. We started driving toward Spanish Fork Canyon, but after less than a mile, we decided to go up Provo Canyon toward Heber City and Deer Creek Reservoir. On the way there, we stopped by Wallsburg and looked at all of the beautiful farmland as well as Stephen Story’s ranch (he’s the guy that started Stephen’s Hot Chocolate). It’s for sale, if you’re interested.

We wanted to hang out at the reservoir, but we found out that it’s $10 a vehicle, so we quickly abandoned that idea. Sitting on the shore of a reservoir is not worth that. So we headed down to Bridal Veil Falls to do some hiking and play in the waterfall. While there on top of the falls, I was taking pictures and watching Jessica play in the water when I got the inspiration to take super high speed water photos of the falls. I used my zoom lens (55-200mm) and set it to the highest aperture. I then used a 1/4000 second shutter speed to take these photos. It was really fun and I definitely plan to take more of these photos in the future.