This may be the most unusual blog post you have ever seen from me. It has people in it.

Even stranger, there is a photo of me…..which will probably never happen again.

I’ll be honest. I don’t like taking people photos. I kind of follow the traditional Chinese watercolor theory in that I believe people should not be the focus of art, but nature itself. And if people are in the picture, they should be portrayed as very small so as to accentuate their infinitesimal place in the great universe. Even then, if I spot tiny little people in my photo of sand dunes, I will immediately use the heal brush or clone stamp to eradicate them.

That being said, I do like taking photos of my beautiful wife. And with her being nearly nine months pregnant, I figured we should probably do some maternity photos (but not the naked belly or any other kind of naked photos because no one wants to see that….you’re welcome, world).

We set off Saturday afternoon to go find some good places to do our photo shoot. I had two locations in mind. There’s this old dilapidated barn in Mapleton that is positively delightful. It looks super old and it’s falling apart, but not so much that it looks like it’s going to fall down. It’s just rustic at its best. I was constantly in fear that we were going to get kicked off the land for trespassing (in which case I probably would have accidentally left my pregnant wife as I high-tailed it out of there), but that never happened and we got some great photos from it.

The second location is an old train depot just up the hill from where the ill-fated town of Thistle used to be. As you drive through Price Canyon and take the turnoff down to Manti, the depot is just down the tracks at the top of the ridge. I had seen the place from a distance so many times and always lusted after the photographic opportunities it might hold. So we parked the car by the road and hoofed it down the railroad tracks (running at one point because a train was coming), and made our way down to the old depot. It was one of the coolest places I’ve ever taken photos of. I plan to go back in the summer where I’ll hopefully meet the pot-smoking hippies who left the lovely messages about positive energy on the plastered walls.

Anyway, it was a pretty good day despite us breaking several laws (trespassing twice and walking on railroad tracks while a train was coming), getting the car stuck in deep snow, and freezing our butts off.