Most people dream of a “white Christmas” where softly falling snow magically enhances the holiday and creates a wonderland of winter beauty. What most people don’t know, however, is that a “white Christmas” is not nearly as great when it is preceded by a “white Thanksgiving.” Mostly it just brings a foreboding feeling that winter will NEVER end and that you may just have to chip the ice out of the toilet bowl in the morning.

It also brings feelings of coldness.

For Thanksgiving this year, we had a very enjoyable stay at my parents’ house in Manassa, Colorado. The company was great, but the weather was not. As we pulled into the valley around 8:00, we were met with temperatures well below zero and a dense freezing fog. The fog wasn’t the best for driving conditions, but I knew it would provide the perfect opportunity for some winter photography.

Despite being a vacation, I was up before 7:00 every single morning and out the door with my camera to capture the incredible frost that had accumulated as a result of the fog. I also did family photos on three of those mornings because I think it’s perfectly acceptable to sacrifice the comfort (and appendages in the case of frost bite) of others to get the perfect lighting.

“Negative 8 degrees? No problem. Smile and act like you’re warm.”

In reality, it was absolutely miserable, but the photos were worth it. Most of these photos were taken in and around Manassa, but a few are from the mountain pass just after Blue Mesa.