Lesson learned. You can’t get close enough to a bald eagle to get a good picture if you don’t have a giant telephoto lens, so you might as well try to chase it down on a snowmobile rather than try to sneak up on it. I chose sneaking, so that’s why the only good shot I have of it is super distant, but I thought the clouds looked pretty cool.

Also, rabbits are really hard to get a picture of when you have a dog with you, cows stink and sometimes pick their noses with their tongues, screwdrivers can be used as ranch electrical equipment, and cats like to cuddle. Speaking of which, I want to apologize for the cat photo. I don’t like cats, but I thought this one was (dare I say it?)…..cute. Please don’t judge me.

Overall, it was a pretty good experience taking photos at the Wilson Place (we call it that because it was bought from the Wilsons). I have some things that didn’t turn out as well I would have liked, but I’ll be back. And you can bet I’m going to get a close up of a bald eagle one of these days. That will be a crowning moment moment for me.