While my wife, Jessica, was in Oregon for some weddings a few weeks ago, my parents and I met up for a short weekend together at a halfway point. Since we live in Utah and they live in Colorado, we sometimes find a place in between so driving is a little more manageable. Overall, it was a fantastic weekend (minus the ticket I got for an expired registration), and it was really good to see my parents.

The halfway point we picked this time was Rifle, Colorado. None of us had ever been to Rifle before, and when we arrive, we saw why. It’s not exactly a tourist destination. It’s fairly small and doesn’t have much in the way of attractions, but there is some beautiful scenery including a golf course or two. We spent the evening at the driving range and I managed to get a few good shots on the practice green. A small storm was rolling in, so I was able to get a few photos with fantastic lighting and dramatic clouds.

On Sunday, we visited Rifle Falls which is a beautiful three-part waterfall that’s only a short walk from the parking lot. It was mid-day which is the worst time to photograph a waterfall, but I did my best with what I had. I tried using my Cokin graduated neutral density filters (I stacked three of them) to block out as much light as possible so I could do an extended shutter time photo of the falls (photos of waterfalls with shutter times of 5-30 seconds give them that silky white smooth look), but sadly, none of them turned out. I had to settle for more generic high shutter speed photos.

On the way home, I had quite a bit of fun stopping at various places in Price Canyon. There’s a tiny stone building up a narrow ravine along the road that I’ve noticed on several occasions. This time, I decided to stop and take a look around. I’m really glad I did. I’m not at all sure what it is, but I think it had something to do a with a coal mine. I also stopped to take pictures of a barn in Helper, Utah, that I love as well as the windmills at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon.