When Jessica and I did our engagement photos, our photographer, Ethan Watts, took us to a random railroad bridge in west Provo. I had never seen it before but was really amazed at how well our pictures turned out. Here are a few from that day:

So May 11 was our 9 month anniversary (yes, we’re still in that honeymoon stage where we recognize random month anniversaries), and we decided to go back to that bridge just for fun. Also, I’m on assignment from our friend Julee to take pictures of trains and railroad tracks for her son’s bedroom. They’re going for a railroad decor because he loves trains so much. We had a great time at the bridge. It was gorgeous. I found a headless squirrel (it was pretty cool). Mostly I just had a great time taking pictures. Here are some of the photos I took. I edited them with either a selective desaturation action or by fully desaturating them.