We just got back a few days ago from a great weekend in Oregon where we stayed at my wife’s family’s lake house near Reedsport. While everyone else read books, went tubing and wake boarding, and laid out in the sun, I binged on photography. I went on a couple adventures in the woods that left me completely covered in mud and a little bruised, but it was good for the soul.

Other than my usual nature shots, I also did something completely out of character: I proactively took people photos. In fact, I loaded up two of my nieces and a nephew into my car and drove them around to different locations to take model photos. I rather enjoyed it, and I think the photos turned out pretty good.  Those will be coming in the next blog post.

This post contains all of the photos of a nature variety along with some rustic building photos. I tried a few new things this time around. Some of the photos were taken deep in the woods late in the day, so I had very little sunlight to work with. I experimented with using my iPhone flashlight app to add a little light on the photo of the snail and the photo of the tree bark. I also did a composite image using my static 50mm lens (the photo of the red path with a fence and trees). It was kind of fun to have the aperture completely open for an extremely shallow depth of field on an image where I combined 15 photos. It almost gives it a miniature feel. I’ll probably be doing some more of those in the future.

And so, without further ado, here are the results of my Oregon photo adventures.