So this is how bad I’ve been at keeping up with photography and my blog….I’m writing a post about photos I took back in October…..5 months ago. Thus the title about procrastination.

It’s pretty bad.

Life has been crazy for months with jobs, internships, school, parenthood, and everything in between, so I have had almost no time to spend on my beloved photography. In fact, I have not taken a photo for pleasure (I have done a lot of photography at work) since I took these photos many months ago.

I need to fix this. Thankfully, I’ll have the opportunity to do some photos for people in the near future, so that should help. Also, I’m hoping to do some travelling this summer.

Anyway, I made these photos while visiting my home in Colorado back in October. As is tradition, my wife and I always head out to the family ranch to remind ourselves that we really do hate the city. While we were out there, I took the opportunity to try out a few new photography techniques in the old adobe farm house at the southern end of the ranch. I’ve always loved this old house and actually did a whole photo series on it in a previous post. I also got a few shots of the fields, baled hay, and even a few deer that seemed a little wary of my presence.