A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege to visit New York for a local SEO conference (I have a day job outside of photography). I’ve been to several East Coast cities in the recent past, but I have been to New York since I was 11.

I hated New York when I was 11.

Everything smelled kind of bad, all of the people made me feel claustrophobic, a drunk bro talked to me at Jack in the Box (it was his bachelor party, if I recall), I saw a man poop in the subway, and my mom made me take a picture in our seedy hotel’s red heart-shaped bathtub. Overall, it was a rough experience.

This time, however, it was absolutely incredible.

One, I have a profound love of architecture photography, and two, I got to hang out in the photography studio of renowned New York fashion photographer Jon Moe for several hours while he was shooting a magazine spread. It was pretty incredible, and I definitely price-checked a lot of his equipment on B&H Photo while I was there.

Speaking of which, I inadvertently ran into the ONLY brick and mortar B&H Photo store in the entire world. I took a photo in front of it that no one is going to see because I look way too enthused about it.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip, and I rekindled my love of architecture photography. Enjoy!