As much as I would love to be a wilderness photographer full-time and get paid lots of money to roam the mountains with a camera, alas, I don’t have the luxury of quitting my day job. Fortunately, I have a pretty amazing day job. I am the public relations and e-commerce manager (as well as the resident photographer) for a company called Action Target which manufactures shooting range equipment for commercial, law enforcement, and military ranges.

In addition to designing and building shooting ranges, Action Target also hosts an annual Law Enforcement Training Camp which provides advanced training for law enforcement firearms instructors from across the country and all over the world (here’s a press release I wrote about it). For four days every September, about 120-140 instructors come to Provo, Utah, where they’re put through courses like Training for the Fight with the Pistol, Ultimate Shotgun, Rapid Deployment Rifle, and Developing Reflexive Shooting Skills.

This is one of my favorite events every year because I get to hang out at the range all week and take photos of tactical drills and people shooting guns. It’s pretty great.

This year was especially fantastic because I got to break in some new company photography gear. We recently purchased a Nikon D810 and some pretty incredible lenses, so I was in heaven. It’s amazing how peoples’ perceptions change when you’re carrying a pro camera body with a giant 400mm telephoto lens on a carbon fiber tripod. Little did they know that I was still trying to figure out how to turn it on.

Anyway, I think was able to get some pretty good shots with it despite my inexperience. The following was my favorite 50 from the four days of the event. Most were taken with the Nikon D810, but some were still taken with my Nikon D3100.