By now, I’m sure most of you are aware that my true photographic love is nature and wilderness. I would be perfectly content if I could just wander the mountains and national parks (not during the government shutdown, of course, because they’re all closed) and get paid to do it. Unfortunately, nobody wants to give me money to wander the mountains with a camera.

Not yet, at least.

I do get paid to do some photography, though. I work as a public relations specialist for a company called Action Target which designs, manufactures, and installs shooting ranges and training facilities for law enforcement and military. We also build commercial shooting ranges all over the country. It’s a really fun job because I get to do a variety of things and even shoot on the job sometimes.

I’ve also had the opportunity to do a lot of commercial photography for products, calendars, catalogs, and events. One of my favorite events we hold is our annual Law Enforcement Training Camp. Every year, more than a hundred law enforcement officers and firearms trainers come to the company’s headquarters in Provo, Utah, to attend four days of intense tactical training. They do everything from handgun maintenance and range medical care to close quarter combat and rapid shotgun deployment. The training is held just up the canyon where the former ill-fated town of Thistle once was (the whole town was destroyed when a landslide caused massive flooding).

I help out with the event by writing press releases and doing random tasks to get things ready, but my main responsibility at the event is to take as many photos as possible. Since this was my second year at LETC, I had a much better idea of what kind of conditions I’d be dealing with and what training classes provided the best photo opportunities.

Here are some of my favorite shots from this year’s event.