This is a weird Valentine’s Day post, I know. One may expect pictures of my beautiful wife, hand holding, and tender moments on this international celebration of romantic love. I give you trees instead. It’s just that I’m not the mushy bleeding heart type. Maybe if I was like those sell-out fauxtographers who chased the money and went into nuptial portraiture, I would post photos of a bunch of couples in love (just kidding – I would never do that).

The fact is I love trees.

I always have. For some reason, I find them absolutely fascinating and the perfect photographic subjects. I am constantly on the lookout for a good tree and have been known to flip the car around because I finally found that perfect lone tree sitting in the middle of a farm field. My heart starts beating faster just thinking about the thrill of it.

So, this Valentine’s Day I’m posting a collection of 30 of my favorite tree photos from the past few years. Enjoy!

But on a serious note, I love my wife more than I have words to say, and I’m so thankful for her loving influence, patience, and support. She encourages me to pursue my photographic habit even though it means taking 10 times longer to drive anywhere. She’s the best. Happy Valentine’s Day!