One Sunday afternoon in February, Jessica and I didn’t really have anything to do and we were itching to get out of Provo, so we decided to just drive up to Salt Lake and visit Temple Square and the Capitol.  I’m a little ridiculous with taking photos and this seemed a great excuse to take a few more.  I absolutely love downtown Salt Lake City and all of the cool old buildings.  It was the perfect day for taking pictures too.  The sky was incredibly clear and blue (sometimes it looked downright fake) and the sun always seemed to be in the perfect spot for cool solar flare shots.  I have quite a few of those here.  Overall, it was a very successful evening and we enjoyed ourselves greatly.  I took 283 photos and then came home and promptly deleted 158 of them.  The rest went through a grueling selection process until the few you see here were edited in Camera Raw and then in Photoshop.