The Gallands reached out to me on Instagram looking for some good family photos for their upcoming Christmas card. They wanted to include the mountains in their photos but still have it be easily accessible by car since they were going to all be dressed up and have their four kids with them.

We chose Provo’s Rock Canyon as our location. Personally, I love that location because it’s super easy to get to, the mountains look really majestic, and the cliffs of the canyon form a V that makes for some pretty sweet leading lines.

The dad, Matt Galland, is somewhat of a legend. His Instagram bio simply says “I like to be outside,” but he’s actually a professional mountaineer. Go check out his Instagram account (@Matt_Galland) and you’ll see him palling around with mountain goats, chasing cougars and coyotes, trail running on top of glaciers, jumping out of helicopters to ski back country in the Uintas, mountain biking in Moab, and paragliding over the various glories of Utah.

Yeah, so they’re pretty into mountains.

Doing their photos was a lot of fun. We had beautiful overcast skies (which made for some dramatic cloud shots), the kids were adorable, and their mom has some pretty fantastic fashion sense. The dark bold colors against the wintry background was perfect (and their little girl’s sparkly Dora the Explorer boots were especially excellent).

My favorite shot was this family photo with the canyon in the background, dramatic clouds, and the canyon cliffs forming leading lines pointing straight at the focal point of the photo.



I also loved the sisters shots of the two older girls:


It was a quick shoot, but I think we got some really great photos out of it. Check out the gallery below to see the rest!

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