Yesterday (November 10th – which is still very much in the middle of the fall season), we woke up to a foot of snow. It was a little ridiculous, but I was extremely excited nonetheless. I am always excited about snow unless it’s between the months of  March and October during which time snow is not welcome. Other than that, snow just makes me happy. And fresh snow is great for taking pictures. It transforms everything into something better and more magical. It’s kind of like going from a cookie to a frosted cookie. The frosting makes all the difference (except for the nasty frosting on the cupcakes at Smith’s).

So Jessica and I went adventuring yesterday to take pictures of the newly fallen snow. Our original plan was to head to Utah Lake to take pictures (because we always forget just how darn ugly it really is), but it’s extremely difficult to get there. Other than the park you have to pay to get into (which we’re very much opposed to), very few roads actually lead to the lake. So we drove around for quite a while taking random roads here and there until we ended up on the opposite side of the lake. From there we kept driving until we got out toward the mythical towns of Santaquin, Goshen, and Elberta. I say mythical because we found miniature reindeer at one point.

After driving around for a couple hours and stopping every three minutes to take a picture, we decided we were both tired and really wanted hot chocolate with all the little creamer things you can find at 7-11. We took the freeway home, and the roads were clear until we were almost to Pason. All of a sudden, there was a flash blizzard, and the road became covered with snow. The car in front of us (it was fairly far ahead of us) spun out on the road and ended up in the ditch to the side after a few rotations. Seeing the conditions of the road and the car spinning out of control in front of us, I hit the brakes and started trying to maneuver toward the shoulder of the road, but the brakes locked up and the steering while was completely unresponsive. We ended up stopping just short of the car that had spun out. No sooner had we come to a stop, but a sliding car narrowly missed us on the right side. A second later, a second car flashed in my side view mirror and missed us by only inches on the left side. That car went barreling into the ditch and nailed the first car head on. It was pretty terrifying. Thankfully, we were able to get back onto the road without causing an accident and make it home safely. It was a little more adventure than we were looking for, but the pictures turned out pretty good. That’s all that really matters anyway.