A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend a friend’s wedding back in Colorado. It was a very short weekend (I arrived late Friday night and had to drive back home Sunday morning), but it was a lot of fun. The wedding was held at the Catholic church in Capulin, a small town in the San Luis Valley not far from where I grew up. I had driven through Capulin a time or two on my way to the mountains, but I had never actually BEEN there. It turned out to be a really cool little town. The church, which was built in 1912, is beautiful, and if I heard correctly, my friends great-great-grandpa helped build it. I thought that was pretty cool.

After the wedding ended, I had a few hours to kill before the reception, so I took my Toyota Corolla four-wheeling up a very rough mountain road near La Jara Creek. My wife accuses me of having a little too much faith in my car’s ability to handle rough terrain, but I made it back with the undercarriage still mostly intact. Unfortunately, I only got one photo out of that little jaunt.

The other photos in this collection are a mix of shots from Gunnison, Cochetopa (pronounce CO-chuh-toe) pass, and the farmland surrounding Capulin and Manassa.