Last weekend, my wife and I decided to visit my cousins who live in Logan, Utah. It’s not all that far away, but we had never been there together, and I hadn’t been to Logan since I was a kid. It turns out that there’s a lot more there than I remember. And by “a lot more” I mean there are two Wal-Marts. (Totally not being sarcastic about that.)

We ended up spending most of our time there driving, but it was totally worth it. I found some incredible old buildings and barns (and may have possibly trespassed) as well as some great pre-winter scenery. Our ultimate destination was Bear Lake, but it ended up being all of the stuff on the way there and back that caught my attention. My favorite find was an old factory of some sort just north of the Utah/Idaho. The gate was open, so we just drove in and I showed myself around the place. My goal was to create an HDR composite of the inside of the building. I took nine different photos to capture as much of the inside of the building as possible and then took the same photos in three different exposures to capture as much light range as possible. I used Photoshop’s Photomerge to create the same composite image in all three exposures. I then took those composites and used Photoshop’s HDR Pro to combine them.

I failed.

It turns out that Photomerge isn’t as exact as I needed it to be. The composite images ended up being slightly different sizes which made it impossible to import them into HDR Pro. I then tried the manual method using layer masks, but it didn’t work either because the composites didn’t line up.

It was a valiant attempt, but I ended up with only a slightly cool photo. I guess I’ll have to figure out a better way to do it. I’m willing to take suggestions if you have them.