For a long time now, I’ve dreamed of shooting wedding formals at the Utah State Capitol Building. Other than a field trip in elementary school, the only other time I’d ever been inside was several years ago when I attended a Chinese delegate luncheon on the rotunda (it’s a long story, but man the food was good!).

I had seen some incredible photos taken there by other photographers, and I really wanted to try it out.

So when Brett and Lisa asked me to do their photos (disclaimer: Brett is my cousin), I suggested the capitol as one of the places we could do wedding formals and hoped that’s what they’d choose (the other options I gave them were Taco Bell, the mall, and the DMV, so the choice wasn’t that difficult).

It turned out that the capitol building was EVERYTHING I HOPED AND DREAMED IT WOULD BE.

That is truly an amazing building with incredible colors in the murals and ceiling art…

…majestic stairways…

…and symmetrical floor designs that make endorphins go skipping across my brain (that combined with the blurred motion of them dancing causes feelings in me I can’t explain).

It also really helped that Brett and Lisa are adorable together.

Lisa’s mom made her dress (I know, right?), and her ring is a gorgeous opal surrounded by diamonds, so I tried to highlight those details in the shoot. I actually bought macro tube extenders for this just so I could take ring shots (because who wants to pay $2,000 for an ACTUAL macro lens?).

This is my favorite photo I got with using the macro tubes and an 85mm Samyang art lens. The amazing lamps in the rotunda had these little decorative nobs around the base, and with the light directly above it, it looked like a really cool place to get a ring shot.

Also, a big thanks to my wife for putting together the beautiful bouquet for this shoot. She’s pretty dang talented.

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