A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of doing the photos at my cousin’s wedding. I had already done their engagement photos and groomal photos during the last few months, so this time around I was more of an event photographer than a portrait photographer since we had already taken care of the traditional posed shots.

The wedding was a little untraditional in that there was a pre-wedding breakfast all the guests were invited to instead of an evening reception (which also meant no wedding cake or dancing and thus fewer of the standard wedding photos). The breakfast was held at the Millennial Falls Reception Center in Draper, Utah. The setting was really nice with waterfalls and swinging benches (not to mention lots of snails that the kids enjoyed playing with), and I’m convinced that sausage and eggs make any event far better.

The actual wedding then took place a few hours later at the Draper, Utah, LDS temple. There was a ton of family and friends in attendance (refer to the large group photo), and it was a beautiful ceremony. Thankfully, the post-wedding ceremonies didn’t take a ton of time and effort since we’d already taken care of the bulk of the photos when we did the groomals. Nobody wants to finish a wedding by having a photographer boss them around for two hours.

I took about 1,600 photos the day of the wedding, but here’s at just a few of my favorites: