Let me start off by saying, I have the best parents and wife ever. We met my parents in Moab last weekend for a much needed getaway, and it was a ton of fun. We only had a few days to spend there, so we didn’t get to explore a lot of the parks, but we still managed to see quite a bit. Mostly we just drove from location to location, but we did some hiking as well. I was especially impressed with my wife who managed all of the hiking without a problem even though she’s nine months pregnant. How many guys have a pregnant wife who’s willing to go hiking with them? I didn’t make her do the six-mile hike to Delicate Arch, though. That would have been mean.

Late February has to be the best time to visit Moab. The weather was great, there were very few people, it didn’t cost any money to get into Canyonlands National Park, and there were no lines for anything. I’m all for less people because that means it’s much easier to get photos that are untainted by human presence. That being said, I did have to edit several people out of a few shots at some of the more popular sites. They should have known to get out of the way in the first place.

The colors of some of these photos look unreal, but I actually did very little editing to most of them. The sky was incredibly blue, and the rocks almost seemed to glow as the sun got lower at the end of the day. The colors were incredibly intense, so that made for some great photo opportunities. Moab is pretty much a photographer’s dream.